30 Inspirational Quotes from Deddy Corbuzier to Motivate Your Life

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Deddy Corbuzier, the well-known mentalist and illusionist, is also a motivational speaker and writer. He has written several books and given numerous speeches that have inspired many people to achieve their goals. His quotes are a great source of motivation and inspiration for anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves. Let’s take a look at 30 of his most inspiring quotes.

1. “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

This quote reminds us that life is short and we should make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to dream big and pursue your passions.

2. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

Many people believe that success will bring them happiness, but Deddy reminds us that it’s the other way around. Finding happiness in your life is the real key to success.

3. “Chase your dreams until you catch them. And then dream, catch, and dream again!”

Never give up on your dreams. Keep chasing them until you catch them, and then dream even bigger.

4. “You are the only one who can limit your greatness.”

Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t achieve. You are in control of your own destiny.

5. “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

You have the power to shape your own future. Don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen.

6. “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Self-belief is the key to success. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you can overcome any obstacle.

7. “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”

Success isn’t just about achieving your goals – it’s about the journey you take to get there. The obstacles you overcome along the way are what make your success all the more meaningful.

8. “If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.”

If you want to achieve your dreams, you may need to let go of things that are holding you back. This could be negative relationships, bad habits, or anything else that doesn’t serve you well.

9. “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

The past is in the past. Don’t let it hold you back from achieving your dreams in the present.

10. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

If you’re passionate about what you do, success will come naturally. Deddy reminds us to find work that we love and pursue it with all our heart.

11. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

If you have big dreams, you’re already ahead of the game. Believe in yourself and your dreams, and the future will be bright.

12. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Change starts with you. If you want to see a better world, start by making positive changes in your own life.

13. “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

We all make mistakes and experience failures in life. But it’s how we learn from these setbacks and rise above them that truly defines our character.

14. “The only way to have a good day is to start it with a positive attitude.”

Your attitude can make or break your day. Deddy reminds us to start each day with a positive mindset.

15. “Don’t wait for opportunities, create them.”

If you want to achieve success, you may need to create your own opportunities. Don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen.

16. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

If you’re feeling lost or unsure of your purpose in life, try helping others. Serving others can help you find your own sense of purpose and meaning.

17. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

Don’t let negative self-talk hold you back from achieving your goals. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

18. “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

Your thoughts have a powerful impact on your life. If you want to achieve success, you need to cultivate a positive mindset.

19. “The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!”

If you want to achieve your goals, you may need to put in a little extra effort. Deddy reminds us that sometimes, it’s just a matter of adding a little “umph” to our efforts.

20. “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

If you want to achieve your dreams, you need to take charge of your own life. Don’t let others dictate your path – create your own plan for success.

21. “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Life is short. Don’t spend it living someone else’s dreams or following someone else’s path. Find your own way and create your own unique path to success.

22. “The only thing that is constant is change.”

Change is inevitable. Deddy reminds us to embrace change and use it as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

23. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

We all have fears, but we shouldn’t let them control us. Instead, let your dreams and passions guide you towards success.

24. “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.”

Success isn’t just about reaching a specific destination – it’s about the journey you take to get there. Enjoy the process and learn from your experiences along the way.

25. “Your only limit is the size of your desire.”

If you have big dreams and a strong desire to achieve them, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

26. “Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.”

Some people may try to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Deddy reminds us not to let small-minded people hold us back from achieving our full potential.

27. “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

Don’t compare yourself to others – strive to be the best version of yourself. Deddy reminds us to focus on our own personal growth and self-improvement.

28. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

If you want to achieve different results in your life, you may need to try something new. Deddy reminds us to be open to change and new experiences.

29. “Life is too short to waste time on things that don’t matter.”

Time is a precious commodity. Deddy reminds us to focus on the things that truly matter in life, such as our passions, relationships, and personal growth.

30. “Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thoughts, you change your life.”

Your thoughts and beliefs have a powerful impact on your life. If you want to change your life, start by changing your mindset.


Deddy Corbuzier’s quotes are a great source of inspiration and motivation for anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves. By following these quotes, we can learn to believe in ourselves, pursue our passions, and achieve our dreams. Remember, the only thing standing between you and your goals is your own mindset. Change your thoughts, change your life.

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